Comment Policy

Comment policies on blogs are regrettable, but seem necessary.  Here’s the policy for this blog:

● Comments must be civil.  Threatening, violent, bigoted, or otherwise abusive comments will be removed.  As a rule, criticize another commentator’s ideas all you want, but avoid attacking him or her personally.  Commentators who persist in violating this section of the policy may be subject to further sanctions.

● Spam and other commercial activity is prohibited without my express permission.  In all likelihood, permission will be granted only for “noble causes”, such as to promote an organization like Thistle Farms.  You are welcome to apply for permission by emailing me.

● While conversations are enthusiastically encouraged and debate is more than merely permitted, propagandizing is not permitted.  Such comments will be removed.  Commentators who persist in making such comments may be subject to further sanctions.

If you are uncertain of the differences between rational, civil debate and propagandizing, reading this article might help.  If you read the article and you are still uncertain of the differences, you are encouraged to email me with your questions.

I reserve the right to change my policy at any time.  Any such changes will be posted to this page.

Paul Sunstone