Is Google Blogger Having Problems Today?

UPDATE: The problem is solved.  It was the NoScript program on my browser.  Thank you Cujo!


Since late yesterday, I’ve been having a problem posting comments on some Google Blogger blogs.  I can see the comment boxes, but I cannot enter any text into them.  In addition, clicking on the “Follow me buttons” doesn’t work either.  Is anyone else having the same problem?

If you’ve got a moment, please go to Republic of Gilead, or another Blogger blog, and see if Blogger will allow you to enter text into a comment box.

Pop up comment boxes seem to be working for me.  It’s only the embedded ones that I’m having problems with.

8 thoughts on “Is Google Blogger Having Problems Today?

  1. I was able to type text into the comment block at RoG, and I could look at it in preview, too.

    Are you using NoScript, or some simliar Javascript blocker?

  2. Blogger was giving me user-end problems as well this week. For example, on Thursday, I couldn’t see or access my followers list for a few hours. I didn’t realize this was going on as well. Hmm.

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