Little Details of Life

When I was downtown earlier today I saw a woman dressed in an outfit of three highly improbable pieces — improbable, given each piece’s color, texture, pattern, and fabric.  Yet, this woman somehow manged to pull it off.

Her top was a simple white T-shirt printed with a complex, mostly gray design.  Her skirt was an amazingly thick, greenish-yellow fabric worn in pleats.  Her tights were a purplish plaid.  Not in my wildest most drunken imaginings would I ever have thought those things would be attractive together.  But they were!

I thought she was so clever, I wanted to give her a standing ovation. 

But, of course, I was already standing when I saw her, and — as a male — I can’t ovulate, so I sensibly judged there was no point in my trying to give her a standing ovation.


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